Neetu Kapoor’s Surprising Crush Revelation on Karan Johar’s Show Leaves Everyone Shocked

In a candid talk show appearance, Neetu Kapoor surprises host Karan Johar by revealing her secret crush on Shashi Kapoor.

Veteran actresses Neetu Kapoor and Zeenat Aman are all set to grace the screens of Karan Johar‘s talk show, offering an entertaining peek into their lives and Bollywood journeys.

In a promo clip, Neetu Kapoor playfully introduces Zeenat Aman as the “style aur sexiness ki dukaan,” reciprocated by Zeenat’s warm words describing Neetu as “lovely and vivacious.”

During a rapid-fire round in the promo, Karan Johar surprises Neetu by asking about a Bollywood heartthrob from her era who was her secret crush. To everyone’s astonishment, Neetu candidly names Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor’s uncle, leaving Karan in amused disbelief. His humorous response, “You had a crush on your uncle?” receives a simple “yes” from Neetu.

Zeenat Aman‘s segment revealed intriguing insights into her past, hinting at the ’70s era and her reserved social life. When probed by Karan about her wild experiences during that time, the actress hinted at a significant shift in her life without divulging details.

Neetu Kapoor also shared a humorous incident involving Zeenat, recounting an episode at a temple where Zeenat humorously requested forgiveness for not adhering to the temple’s dress code.

The two veteran actresses have shared the screen in multiple iconic films like “Yaadon Ki Baraat,” “Dharam Veer,” and “Heera Lal Panna Lal.”

While Zeenat Aman gears up for her role in Manish Malhotra’s “Bun Tikki,” co-starring Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol, the candid revelations and camaraderie on Karan Johar’s show have piqued audience interest for this upcoming episode.


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