Munjya Box Office: Stellar Week 1, Aims for 75 Crores

Munjya has enjoyed a phenomenal first week at the box office, raking in 36.50 crores. This impressive figure defied all expectations, showcasing the audience’s continued patronage throughout the week.

The film opened with 4.21 crores, including Thursday late-night paid previews, and netted another 4.03 crores on Thursday. This consistent performance throughout the week highlights the film’s strong trend. Even a 25-crore collection in its first week would have marked Munjya as a clear success. Surpassing that milestone by over 10 crores underscores the film’s appeal and the audience’s positive reception.

Instead of dropping to the expected 2.50 crores range from Monday to Thursday, Munjya maintained over 4 crores daily, significantly boosting its first-week total.

Within just one week, Munjya has established itself among the top films in the horror genre. While it is set to comfortably reach the 75-crore mark, the real challenge lies in entering the 100 Crore Club. To maintain its momentum, Munjya needs to secure at least 4 crores on the second Friday.

Munjya’s stellar performance in its opening week sets a promising precedent for its continued success at the box office. As it aims for the 75-crore milestone and beyond, the film’s trajectory suggests it could achieve even greater heights in the coming weeks.

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