Multiple Injuries in Texas Crash Amid Central US Storms

Severe storms wreak havoc in the central US, causing a pileup in Texas involving 30 vehicles and leaving several injured. Northeastern states brace for tornadoes, hail, and flooding rains as warnings spread.


Multiple people sustained injuries in a significant pileup involving approximately 30 vehicles at an intersection south of Midland, Texas, on Monday. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that high winds carrying dust had reduced visibility, contributing to the crash along State Highway 349 around 4:50 p.m. Prompt responses from Texas Highway Patrol Troopers and Upton County Emergency personnel followed.

Earlier forecasts by the National Weather Service had cautioned about blowing dust and damaging winds for Monday afternoon, urging motorists in West Texas to exercise caution. Meanwhile, severe storms, potentially harboring tornadoes, hail, and flooding rains, swept through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois during Monday evening.

Tornado warnings were issued across Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, with the extent of damage and injuries yet to be confirmed. The National Weather Service also issued severe thunderstorm warnings in several states, including Indiana.

Northwest of Oklahoma City, flash flood warnings were issued for Kingfisher and Dover as heavy rainfall led to flooded roads. Meanwhile, central Illinois experienced heavy rainfall, triggering flash flood warnings after significant downpours near Springfield and Decatur.

The severe weather outbreak underscores the importance of heeding weather advisories and taking precautions during hazardous conditions, especially while traveling on affected roadways.


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