Mrunal Thakur Voices Frustration Over Limited Romantic Opportunities in Hindi Cinema

Actor Mrunal Thakur opens up about the challenges in finding romantic roles in Hindi films, citing a need to be ‘popular enough.’

Acclaimed actor Mrunal Thakur, celebrated for her roles in Telugu love stories like Sita Ramam and Hi Nanna, shares her struggle to find similar romantic narratives in Hindi films.

Addressing the question of when she might take on a romantic role in Hindi cinema, Mrunal humorously remarks, “I don’t know, I am not popular enough to get a love story yet. Am I wrong? I have to be popular to get a love story, no?” Expressing weariness, she adds, “I don’t know yaar, I am just tired of proving to filmmakers now. I just want it to happen organically; I am done asking them.”

During the interview, Mrunal Thakur reflects on the appreciation she received for her Telugu films, with many expressing gratitude for ‘bringing romance back.’ She emphasizes the audience’s silent love for romantic movies, mentioning her desire to continue creating magic, potentially in another language.

Having been part of multiple films in 2023, including Hindi projects like Gumraah, Lust Stories 2, Aankh Mancholi, and Pippa, as well as Telugu films Hi Nanna and Sita Ramam, Mrunal Thakur remains a sought-after talent. With upcoming projects like Family Star alongside Vijay Deverakonda and director Parasuram Petla, and Pooja Meri Jaan in Hindi by Navjot Gulati, Thakur looks forward to diversifying her roles beyond the confines of proving her popularity for romantic ventures.


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