Mr & Mrs Mahi | Movie Review

Director: Sharan Sharma
Star Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor
Language: Hindi
Available On: Theatrical release
Runtime: 139 Minutes
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐(3/5)

Script Analysis:

“Mr & Mrs Mahi” follows Mahendra (Rajkummar Rao), a man with aspirations of becoming a cricketer, who faces rejection and disappointment. His father forces him to work in the family’s sports shop, derailing his dreams. Years later, Mahendra marries Mahima (Janhvi Kapoor), a doctor who secretly shares his love for cricket. Mahendra takes on the role of her coach, determined to help her succeed in the sport. Directors Sharan Sharma and Nikhil Mehrotra craft a narrative that initially explores Mahendra’s internal struggles and his strained relationship with his father. When Mahima enters the scene, the story slowly unveils her cricketing skills, building their love story amidst the challenges.

In the second half, the film navigates between cricket and marital jealousy. Mahendra’s training sessions with Mahima provide some gripping moments, but these thrilling sequences are scarce until the climax. The narrative heavily leans on the couple’s disputes, particularly focusing on Mahendra’s personal battles, overshadowing the cricketing element.

Star Performance:
Rajkummar Rao delivers a powerful performance as Mahendra, capturing the character’s pain and determination. His expressive acting and nuanced dialogue delivery effectively convey Mahendra’s journey. He seamlessly transitions between serious and comedic moments, particularly shining in scenes where he humorously coaches Mahima.

Janhvi Kapoor, while delivering a decent performance, remains underutilized as Mahima. Her portrayal often involves soft-spoken, tearful scenes, which do not fully showcase her potential. Despite the setting, one would expect Mahima to assert herself more, especially after discovering her husband’s intentions. Unfortunately, her character lacks significant development, reminiscent of her role in “Bawaal.”

Direction, Music:
Director Sharan Sharma aims to tell a heartfelt love story of a couple united by their shared passion. His effort to depict an inspiring tale of mutual support and personal growth is evident. However, the film occasionally loses focus amid jealousy and Mahendra’s internal conflicts. More cricket scenes in the second half would have better highlighted Mahima’s talent.

The soundtrack impresses, with Vishal Mishra’s “Roya Jab Tu” standing out as a favorite.

The Last Word:
“Mr & Mrs Mahi” seeks to inspire through the story of a couple overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams. The film portrays their struggles and moments of joy, with Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor’s on-screen chemistry adding charm. Despite its shortcomings, the movie offers a heartwarming narrative about love, dreams, and resilience.


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