Molson Coors Workers Resume Strike in Fort Worth

Union workers at Molson Coors Brewery in Fort Worth resume strike, demanding higher wages, better benefits, and improved healthcare. Over 400 employees participate in action against rising inflation and for fair compensation.

Union employees at the Molson Coors Brewery in Fort Worth returned to the picket line this Monday following a mass walkout over the weekend. The labor action began when workers rejected the company’s most recent contract proposal, demanding higher wage increases, enhanced benefits, and improved health care coverage. Over 400 team members participated in the strike, marking an ongoing dispute that commenced in November regarding fair compensation amidst rising inflation.

Teamsters Local 997, representing the workers, expressed dissatisfaction with the proposed 2% salary raise, stating that it fails to meet basic living expenses. The union asserts that corporations should utilize their profits to tend to the needs of employees instead of letting inflation diminish worker salaries. The union seeks a three-year agreement including increased wages, better medical insurance, and improved pension packages.

Molson Coors responded by asserting that its previous offer surpasses regional market standards for comparable positions within unionized settings. Despite respecting the union’s right to strike, the company assured customers that measures would be taken to ensure product availability during the industrial action. Additionally, the striking workers receive $1,000 weekly in strike pay.

Notably, the union anticipates support from fellow union members nationwide, who plan to join the protest in solidarity with their colleagues in South Fort Worth. This collective effort reflects a broader struggle against stagnant wages and deteriorating working conditions faced by many American workers.

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