Michael Caine announces retirement from acting, confirming ‘The Great Escaper’ will be his last film.

Michael Caine’s acting career spans 160 movies over eight decades.

Michael Caine, the British film star whose vocation has crossed eighty years and highlighted motion pictures from “The Italian Job” to “The Dark Knight,” has confirmed his retirement from acting.

The double cross Oscar champ, who is 90, made the declaration on Saturday.

“I push expressing I’m along to resign,” said Caine, adding: “All things considered, I’m currently.”

That’s what he affirmed. “The Great Escaper,” which was released earlier this month, will be his last acting gig, saying: “I’ve played the lead and it’s got incredible reviews. The only parts I’m going to get now are old men – 90-year-old men, or maybe 85, you know – and I thought well I might as well leave with all this. I’ve got wonderful reviews. What am I going to do to beat this?”

Caine featured close by the late Glenda Jackson in the film, playing Bernard Jordan, a 90-year-old who flees from a consideration home to attend the 70th Commemoration of the D-Day Arrivals in France.
“We lived it up on the film, and I thought, why not leave now?” Caine added.

Caine played secret agents, playboys, adventurers, schoolteachers, and many other characters.

He portrayed the British spy Harry Palmer in five films, with fame coming after his first stint in the role, in the 1965 drama thriller “The Ipcress File.”

He has also written books; he has made 160 movies and that he “always wanted to be a writer.” While there will be no more acting, he said, “there will be writing.”

“The thing about moviemaking is you have to get up at 6.30 in the morning, do a long ride learning your lines in the bloody car and then get there and work until 10 o’clock at night,” he said, adding that with writing “you don’t have to get out of bed.”




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