King Of Kotha | Movie Review

King of Kotha” is a gangster movie starring Dulquer Salmaan

King of Kotha” is a gangster movie starring Dulquer Salmaan, set in the lawless land of Kotha. However, the film disappoints with its dialogue, which often includes awkward or silly punchlines. The storyline is divided into two halves, with a ten-year gap separating them and presenting a different version of the protagonist, Raju.

In the first half, Raju is portrayed realistically and his charm shines through, but in the second half, he becomes a mythical figure who is invincible, resulting in a lack of depth in his character. The film becomes predictable as it turns into a game of guessing which close family member or friend will be killed next.

Raju’s motivations and who he is fighting for become unclear, as various relationships are thrown into the mix, turning him into a typical self-sacrificial movie hero. Despite the film’s flaws, the teaser reveals that Dulquer’s character is the long-awaited “king” who will save the people from the evils of Kotha.

“King of Kotha” marks Dulquer’s return to the screen after his appearances in the Hindi film “Chup: Revenge of the Artist” and the Telugu film “Sita Ramam“.

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