Katrina Pierson Wins Texas House District 33 in Rockwall

ROCKWALL, Texas – Former Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson has secured a victory in the runoff for Texas State House District 33 in Rockwall, defeating Republican incumbent Justin Holland. The Associated Press projected Pierson’s win, marking a significant shift in the district’s representation.

Justin Holland, who has represented District 33 since 2017, faced criticism from Pierson’s campaign over his conservative credentials, particularly for his vote against school vouchers during the last legislative session. Pierson, a former Tea Party activist and national spokesperson for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, capitalized on these criticisms to galvanize support.

Pierson’s campaign received strong backing from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who campaigned alongside her. Governor Abbott supports education savings accounts, a key issue for Pierson, and hopes to push this agenda forward in the next legislative session.

Pierson’s victory represents a shift towards more stringent conservative policies within the district and highlights the influence of high-profile endorsements in local elections. With her win, Pierson is poised to bring a renewed focus on conservative educational reforms to the Texas State House.

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