Kartam Bhugtam | Movie Review

Director: Soham P. Shah
Star Cast:
Shreyas Talpade, Madhoo, Vijay Raaz, Aksha Pardasany, Gaurav Daagar, Rishabh Kohli
Available On: Theatrical release
Runtime: 131 Minutes
Rating: ⭐⭐(2/5)


“Kartam Bhugtam” follows the journey of Dev, an NRI who returns to India after his father’s demise, only to face bureaucratic hurdles and red tape in settling his father’s affairs. Alongside, Dev finds solace in the guidance of a holy pandit, Anna, whose predictions and advice shape Dev’s actions. However, Dev’s life takes a dark turn when he falls victim to a sinister plot, leading to unforeseen consequences.

Script Analysis:
The film’s narrative trajectory starts promisingly, establishing Dev’s struggles with bureaucracy and his reliance on Anna’s predictions. However, the plot takes a sharp turn into implausibility in the second half, culminating in a convoluted revenge drama that strains credulity. The transition from a relatable premise to a far-fetched storyline undermines the film’s coherence and undermines the audience’s engagement. Additionally, inconsistencies in character motivations and plot developments further detract from the viewing experience, leaving the audience questioning the logic and plausibility of events.

Star Performance:
While the performances in “Kartam Bhugtam” are competent, they are unable to elevate the film beyond its shortcomings. Shreyas Talpade delivers a sincere portrayal as Dev, but struggles to convey the character’s anger and determination effectively. Madhoo stands out with her nuanced performance, infusing depth and complexity into her role as Seema. Vijay Raaz and Gaurav Daagar offer solid support, while Aksha Pardasany impresses despite her limited screen time. However, the performances alone cannot compensate for the film’s deficient script and disjointed narrative.

Direction, Music:
Director Soham P. Shah’s attempts to infuse elements of fate and revenge into the narrative fall short of coherence, resulting in a disjointed and unconvincing storyline. The abrupt shift in tone and direction between the film’s two halves undermines its overall impact and leaves the audience feeling disconnected. The music by Shabbir Ahmed fails to leave a lasting impression, while the background score by Amar Mohile is jarring and overbearing, detracting from the viewing experience rather than enhancing it.

The Last Word:
“Kartam Bhugtam” ultimately fails to deliver on its promising premise, succumbing to a disjointed narrative and implausible plot developments. Despite commendable performances from the cast, the film’s deficiencies in script and direction overshadow any redeeming qualities it may possess. As a result, “Kartam Bhugtam” falls short of being a gripping revenge thriller and ultimately disappoints.

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