Kareena Kapoor Critiques ‘Singham Again’ for Male-Dominated Narrative

Kareena Kapoor Khan speaks out about her latest film ‘Singham Again’, describing it as a ‘male testosterone movie’, sparking discussions on gender roles in Bollywood films.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, at a recent press conference for her upcoming movie ‘Singham Again‘, described the film as a ‘male testosterone movie‘, highlighting the gender-specific narratives prevalent in Bollywood. Her comment has sparked a broader discussion on the roles offered to women in the industry, particularly in action-centric genres that traditionally favor male leads.

Kapoor Khan, renowned for selecting roles that challenge societal norms, emphasized the necessity for Bollywood films to feature female characters with greater nuance, surpassing conventional archetypes.”While the film showcases spectacular stunts and thrilling action sequences, it predominantly revolves around male characters, which overshadows the potential for stronger female narratives,” she stated.

This critique from a leading female star like Kapoor Khan is significant as it reflects the ongoing discourse on gender equality in cinema globally. ‘Singham Again‘, directed by Rohit Shetty, is expected to be a blockbuster, yet Kapoor Khan‘s comments invite the audience and filmmakers alike to reflect on the portrayal of women in such high-octane settings. Her stance is not just a critique but a call to action for the industry to evolve and embrace more balanced storytelling, potentially influencing future projects to include more substantial roles for women.

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