Kangana Ranaut Slapped at Chandigarh airport by CISF

In a shocking incident at Chandigarh airport, a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) constable allegedly slapped newly elected Member of Parliament and Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut. Ranaut, who recently won the Lok Sabha seat from Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi constituency, faced controversy as she prepared to board a flight to Delhi.

The altercation began when Kangana Ranaut refused to comply with standard security protocols, including placing her phone in the designated tray during the security check. The situation escalated when Ranaut allegedly pushed a security personnel, prompting the CISF constable to slap her.

Witnesses reported that the CISF constable cited “disrespecting farmers” as the motive behind her actions. This reference alludes to Ranaut’s controversial statements regarding the farmers’ protests, which lasted over 15 months and culminated in the repeal of contentious farm laws. The protests, driven primarily by farmers from Punjab, Haryana, and other states, called for a legal guarantee of minimum support prices (MSP) and raised concerns about the corporatization of agriculture.

Mobile footage of the incident shows Ranaut escorted by a ring of security officers towards the security check-in, where she engages in a heated discussion with CISF officers.

In response to the incident, the CISF commandant initiated an investigation to uncover the full details of the confrontation. Ranaut’s aides also informed local authorities, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the necessity for a thorough inquiry.

This incident adds to the list of controversies surrounding Ranaut, who has become a polarizing figure due to her outspoken nature and political stances. As the investigation unfolds, the public and Ranaut’s supporters eagerly await more information on the incident and its repercussions.

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