Kangana Ranaut Asks Not to Be Judged for Consecutive Flops, Netizens Troll Claiming Respectable Actor is a Big B

Kangana Ranaut, a renowned Bollywood actor, has recently asked not to be judged for her consecutive flops. Netizens have trolled her despite her request, asserting that she is a respectable actor who should be regarded as a big B.

Kangana Ranaut, a prominent figure in the Bollywood industry, recently requested not to be judged for her consecutive flops. The actor, renowned for her bold and outspoken nature, faced criticism from netizens who claimed she should be considered a big B, citing her respectable acting skills.

Ranaut’s recent performances have not met the expectations of the audience, leading to a string of flops. Netizens have subjected her to trolling and criticism despite her plea for understanding. Advisers have urged the actor to concentrate on her craft and deliver superior performances to rebuild the audience’s trust.

Ranaut’s plea to not face judgment for her successive flops has ignited a debate on social media. Some netizens have defended her and argued that every actor goes through a phase of ups and downs in their career. Others have criticized her for her recent performances and questioned her commitment to her craft.

Despite the criticism, Ranaut remains undeterred and continues to work on her upcoming projects. She has also expressed her desire to bounce back and prove her detractors wrong. The actor’s resilience and determination have earned her the respect of her fans and peers, who believe that she has the talent and potential to overcome this phase and continue her successful career in Bollywood.

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