Justice Department Sues Texas Over Law Allowing Police to Arrest Migrants

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Texas over a law granting police the authority to arrest migrants entering the US illegally.

The Justice Department has initiated legal proceedings against Texas over a contentious new law that authorizes police to apprehend migrants entering the U.S. unlawfully. The lawsuit challenges Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s approach to border crossers and comes amid escalating tensions over immigration policies.

Signed by Abbott last month, the law, known as Senate Bill 4, not only grants Texas police the authority to arrest migrants for illegal entry but also empowers judges to order their expulsion. The Justice Department contends that the law encroaches on the federal government’s exclusive jurisdiction over immigration regulation.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Austin, seeks a declaration of the law’s unconstitutionality, asserting interference with federal immigration operations and foreign relations. Scheduled to take effect in March, the law faces opposition from civil rights organizations and El Paso County officials who filed a separate lawsuit describing it as unconstitutional overreach.

This legal clash is part of a broader battle as Texas combats immigration-related court challenges while simultaneously implementing aggressive border measures under Operation Lone Star. As the Biden administration grapples with an escalating number of illegal crossings, the Justice Department’s lawsuit adds another layer to the ongoing debate surrounding immigration policies and border control.

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