Jonathan Majors’s Accuser Surrenders to Police on Misdemeanor Charges

Grace Jabbari, the woman who accused Jonathan Majors of an attack, has turned herself in to face misdemeanor charges stemming from the domestic dispute, but she won’t face prosecution.

Grace Jabbari, who accused actor Jonathan Majors of attacking her in a car, surrendered to the New York police to face misdemeanor charges related to their March domestic dispute. She received a desk appearance ticket for two misdemeanor charges.

The charges stem from a counterclaim filed by Majors, who alleged he was the true victim of the incident. Evidence had suggested that Jabbari attacked Majors.

While the desk ticket requires Jabbari to report to court later, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has made it clear that they don’t plan to prosecute. The charges brought by the NYPD against Jabbari related to the allegations made by Majors will be declined.

The incident occurred during a car ride when Jabbari allegedly tried to grab Majors’ phone, leading to a physical altercation. Majors faces misdemeanor assault and harassment charges, with a trial set to begin on November 26.

The actor’s career faced turbulence after his arrest, with allegations of abusive behavior toward crew members and others emerging. Majors’ defense team has released evidence, including surveillance video and text messages, to prove his innocence.

The case also highlights racial bias in the criminal justice system, as Majors’s lawyer claimed that the investigation didn’t adequately address the assault on Majors and the racial disparities in treatment.


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