‘Jawan’ Box Office Day 1 Collection Breaks Record

Earnings surpassing 100 crores, “Jawan” has become a blockbuster sensation.

The much-anticipated film “Jawan” has hit the theaters and is receiving an overwhelming response from audiences. The movie, starring the iconic Shahrukh Khan, has made a remarkable opening at the box office, breaking records on its very first day of release. With earnings surpassing 100 crores, “Jawan” has become a blockbuster sensation.

In India alone, the film has raked in a staggering 75 crores on its opening day, making it the biggest opener in Bollywood history. Its popularity extends beyond the borders of India, as it has garnered over 150 crores worldwide. The film’s success can be attributed to the strong fan base of Shahrukh Khan, who has a massive following both in India and internationally.
The film’s performance in Chennai is particularly notable, with 81% of theaters being filled with enthusiastic audiences. Renowned film analyst Ramesh Bala took to Twitter to share the impressive figures, revealing that “Jawan” has surpassed the 150-crore mark globally, shattering previous records.

Expressing his gratitude, Shahrukh Khan took the time to thank his fans for their unwavering love and support. He acknowledged their presence both in theaters and outside, promising to make time for each fan club. The actor’s humility and appreciation for his fans have only served to deepen the bond between him and his dedicated fanbase.

As the box office numbers continue to soar, “Jawan” is set to leave a lasting impact on Bollywood. With its phenomenal success on day one, the film is poised to break further records and solidify its position as one of the biggest blockbusters in Indian cinema. As the excitement surrounding “Jawan” continues to build, fans eagerly await the next milestone in this incredible journey.

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