Jackie Shroff Moves Delhi High Court to Protect Personality Rights

Veteran Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff takes legal action to safeguard his personality and publicity rights.


Bollywood veteran Jackie Shroff, known for his charismatic persona and affable interactions with the media, has embarked on a legal battle to safeguard his personality and publicity rights. Shroff recently filed a lawsuit before the Delhi High Court against multiple entities for allegedly exploiting his name, photographs, voice, and the term “Bhidu” without his consent. He also raised objections to derogatory memes and sought protection for his personality rights. The court is set to hear his plea on Wednesday.

This move by Shroff mirrors similar actions taken by fellow Bollywood icons such as Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor. Kapoor sought to restrain the unauthorized use of his name, the acronym “AK,” his voice, image, and various iconic characters, including Lakhan, Mr. India, and Majnu Bhai, without his consent.

Amitabh Bachchan, meanwhile, sought court intervention to prevent a jeweler from exploiting his celebrity status to endorse its products without his authorization, relying on his publicity rights.

The legal actions undertaken by these prominent figures underscore the growing significance of personality and publicity rights in the entertainment industry. As celebrities seek to assert control over their image and public representation, the outcomes of such cases could have far-reaching implications for the protection of celebrity identities and the boundaries of commercial exploitation.

Jackie Shroff’s initiative to secure his personality rights marks a significant development in the ongoing dialogue surrounding celebrity image protection and privacy in the digital age. As the case unfolds in the Delhi High Court, it sheds light on the complex intersection of law, media, and celebrity culture in contemporary India.

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