Is Rohit Shetty’s ‘Singham Again’ Loosely Inspired by Ramayana?

Fans are speculating whether Rohit Shetty’s ‘Singham Again,’ the third installment of his cop universe, is based on the Ramayana. Read about the intriguing fan theories and possible connections to the epic tale.

The anticipation for Rohit Shetty‘s upcoming film, ‘Singham Again,’ is taking an interesting twist as fans and enthusiasts ponder if this action-packed sequel could have its roots in the timeless epic, the Ramayana.

A Reddit post that drew parallels between ‘Singham Again‘ and Ramayana has ignited discussions in the film’s fan base. While some are bewildered by the connection, others point to plot points and character sketches that seem reminiscent of the epic saga.

‘Singham Again,’ the third installment of Rohit Shetty‘s celebrated cop franchise, is rumored to be loosely inspired by the Ramayana. This revelation has prompted a flurry of discussions on social media, with fans speculating about the potential storyline and character references that might draw from this ancient narrative.

Reactions to this theory vary, with some finding it intriguing, while others express concerns about the trend of adapting the Ramayana for commercial success. The fan theories continue to circulate, with enthusiastic debates and speculations about the roles of the cast in this epic-inspired drama.

As the excitement builds for the film’s 2024 release, fans eagerly await to see if ‘Singham Again’ will indeed weave elements of the Ramayana into its narrative, adding a unique twist to the action-packed cop drama.


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