Investigation Ongoing for Abandoned Girl ‘Alejandra’ at Dallas Hospital

The Department of Family Protective Services continues its search for the family of a girl named Alejandra, found abandoned at a Dallas hospital, as investigations and efforts persist.

Amid ongoing efforts by the Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS), the search for Alejandra’s family, the young girl abandoned at Baylor Medical Center’s ER in Dallas, remains a top priority. Despite being unable to communicate much beyond her name, the department has yet to uncover information about her family or guardians.

Officials have acknowledged the public’s assistance in identifying the child, who, though smiling in a photograph after her abandonment, has only provided limited details to investigators. Identified as approximately six years old, Alejandra’s safety is ensured, although her familial situation remains unresolved.

Steve Daley, CEO of RadKids, noted the girl’s secure environment at present but expressed sadness over her isolation. While no criminal charges are anticipated due to her being left in a safe place, Daley speculated on the possibility of an act of bravery that led the girl to the hospital.

DFPS refrained from disclosing specifics about the ongoing investigation into Alejandra’s abandonment, emphasizing the need for privacy in this complex situation.


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