Illness Outbreak Forces Closure of North Texas School District for the Week

Garner ISD in Weatherford, North Texas, shuts down for the remainder of the week due to a spreading illness affecting students and staff.

Garner Independent School District (ISD) in Weatherford, North Texas, has taken the unprecedented step of closing its doors for the rest of the week as an illness spreads among students and staff. The closure, effective from Wednesday, Jan. 24, extends until Monday, Jan. 29, allowing time for affected individuals to recover and for the district to conduct thorough facility sanitation.

Superintendent Rebecca Hallmark revealed that the decision was prompted by reaching a threshold of sick students and staff, with attendance dropping significantly. The district, hosting just under 370 students, closely monitors attendance, as it influences the school’s funding.

Most reported symptoms include fever and headaches, with confirmed cases of the flu. Hallmark emphasized the challenge of maintaining operations when available staff members are affected, as teachers and professionals also have children attending the school.

The closure impacts not only regular classes but also raises questions about the fate of the JV boys basketball tournament scheduled for the week. Decisions will be made based on the number of people affected and available players.

Parents are urged to keep sick children at home until they are fever-free for 24 hours. Garner Baptist Church is stepping in by providing a food pantry for affected families during the school closure.

Garner ISD joins Olney ISD, located south of Wichita Falls, in facing closures due to illness. The rise in flu cases, with a 40% increase reported by Children’s Health, reflects the broader health concerns affecting schools across Texas. Stay informed about the situation and its impact on attendance and scheduled events.

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