House Readies for George Santos Expulsion Vote Amid Defiant Stand

GOP Rep. George Santos faces a looming expulsion vote despite defiantly refusing to resign, citing bullying tactics.

GOP Rep. George Santos stands firm, resisting resignation one day ahead of a crucial expulsion vote in the House. Santos, embattled over a House Ethics Committee report detailing alleged misconduct, vehemently opposes stepping down, decrying the situation as bullying.

At a fiery news conference outside the Capitol, Santos defiantly rebutted allegations and accused his peers of bullying tactics. Refuting claims of non-cooperation with the Ethics Committee, Santos insisted on his compliance, though he refrained from delving into the report’s details.

In a surprising turn, Santos announced intentions to introduce a resolution seeking the expulsion of Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman over a prior incident. Bowman dismissed Santos’ move as a “meaningless stunt” in response.

The impending expulsion vote, following the Ethics Committee’s scathing report, hangs in uncertainty as Santos questions the outcome. Despite his resistance, Santos faces a high bar, needing a two-thirds majority vote for expulsion, a rare occurrence in the House.

Amid federal charges and ongoing investigations, the House prepares for a pivotal decision, highlighting the intensity surrounding Santos’ imminent fate.


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