Celebrated Bollywood filmmaker Hansal Mehta returns with another highly anticipated series titled Lootere, starring Rajat Kapoor in the lead role. The official teaser for the show has been released by the makers, generating significant buzz on social media and earning the moniker of a pirate-themed series.

The teaser for Lootere was unveiled on March 1st, Friday, on the official YouTube channel of DisneyPlus Hotstar, where the show is slated to air. Running for 24 seconds, the teaser opens with a group of foreign men aboard a boat in the middle of the sea, armed with guns and seemingly heading towards an undisclosed destination. Rajat Kapoor, portraying a man in a Navy uniform on a nearby ship, spots them through binoculars with a tense expression. As the men prepare for an impending attack, the teaser concludes, leaving viewers intrigued.


Hansal Mehta


Rajat Kapoor, Vivek Gomber ,Deepak Tijori, Avanish Pandey, Tuks Tad Lungu

streaming on

Disney+ Hotstar

streaming from

March 22

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