Governor Kim Reynolds and 24 Republican Governors Support Texas’ Right to Self-Defense Amid Border Crisis

Governor Kim Reynolds, along with 24 Republican governors, issues a joint statement supporting Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the state’s constitutional right to self-defense amidst the escalating border crisis.

Governor Kim Reynolds, along with 24 Republican governors, has issued a joint statement in solidarity with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the State of Texas regarding their constitutional right to self-defense. The statement criticizes the Biden Administration for what the governors perceive as leaving the nation vulnerable to unprecedented levels of illegal immigration, drugs, and security threats at the Southern border.

The governors express support for Texas‘ efforts to secure the border, citing the Biden Administration’s alleged failure to enforce immigration laws and its allowance of mass parole for migrants who entered the country illegally. They emphasize the constitutional right of states to self-defense, referring to Article 4, Section 4, and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

In light of the Biden Administration’s perceived negligence in upholding immigration laws and protecting the border, the governors assert that Texas has legal justification to take measures, including razor wire fences, to safeguard the sovereignty of the states and the nation.


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