Giorgia Andriani Clears the Air: Malaika Arora Not Behind Arbaaz Khan Breakup

Giorgia Andriani sets the record straight about her separation from Arbaaz Khan, denying any involvement of Malaika Arora in their breakup.

Amidst speculation surrounding her split with Arbaaz Khan, Giorgia Andriani has addressed the conjecture linking Malaika Arora to their breakup. Confirming their separation recently, Giorgia dispelled rumors asserting Malaika had no role in their relationship’s end.

Despite their past, Malaika and Arbaaz have smoothly moved on, happily embracing new relationships. Their mutual focus remains on co-parenting their son, Arhaan, fostering a nurturing environment post their divorce in 2017. While Arbaaz was with Giorgia, Malaika found companionship with Arjun Kapoor.

Giorgia clarified that Malaika’s involvement wasn’t a factor in their split. She emphasized their differing interests as the underlying cause, citing her love for travel contrasting with Arbaaz’s inclination toward movies.

Giorgia also highlighted the amicable nature of their separation, expressing a continued fondness for Arbaaz. Contrary to bitterness post-breakup, their bond remains intact, with jokes and friendly conversations still a part of their dynamic.

Malaika, maintaining distance from personal matters, echoed a similar sentiment, expressing her disinterest in following Arbaaz’s life.

Giorgia’s candid revelation dispels misconceptions, emphasizing the complexities of relationships while highlighting the respectful post-breakup rapport shared between her and Arbaaz.

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