Gary Graham, ‘Alien Nation’ and ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Actor, Passes Away at 73

Gary Graham, known for iconic roles in “Alien Nation” and “Star Trek: Enterprise,” has died at 73. His versatile acting career spanned 50 years, leaving a lasting impact in science fiction.

Gary Graham, renowned for his roles in iconic science fiction series such as “Star Trek: Enterprise” and “Alien Nation,” passed away at the age of 73 at his home in Spokane Valley, Wash. His wife, Becky Graham, confirmed that the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

In his extensive 50-year acting career, Graham made significant contributions to television, including appearances in shows like “Starsky and Hutch” and “The Incredible Hulk.” However, it was in the realm of science fiction that he left an indelible mark.

One of his notable roles was portraying Ambassador Soval in 12 episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise,” a prequel to the original series. His adept portrayal of the Vulcan ambassador showcased his skill in depicting characters known for suppressing emotions and prioritizing logic.

Graham’s first regular role in a series was in the “Alien Nation” franchise, where he played detective Matthew Sikes, a human detective partnered with an extraterrestrial. Despite the show’s one-season run, it spawned television movies, reflecting the impact of Graham’s portrayal.

Born on June 7, 1950, in Long Beach, Calif., Gary Rand Graham’s career spanned various television series and included participation in fan-produced “Star Trek” projects. His legacy lives on, and he is survived by his wife, daughter, sisters, and stepchildren.

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