Garland Man Wins $1 Million in Texas Lottery Scratch-Off Game

A resident of Garland, Texas, hits the jackpot, winning $1 million in a Texas Lottery scratch-off game.

A fortunate resident of Garland, Texas, is celebrating after clinching a staggering $1 million prize in a Texas Lottery scratch-off game.

Preferring to remain anonymous, the winner purchased the winning Millions Club ticket at Tom Thumb, nestled within Richardson’s Arapaho Village.

In the Millions Club game, participants vie for 10 top prizes, each worth $1 million. Remarkably, the winning ticket marks the fourth of the 10 grand prizes available in the game.

This triumph marks the second instance of a Garland resident striking it rich with a $1 million win in the Millions Club game. Notably, the first victor emerged in February, securing their winning ticket from a 7-Eleven in Dallas. Additionally, two other million-dollar prizes have been claimed in Laredo and Tatum.

Each scratch-off ticket in the Millions Club game costs $50, offering participants a one in 3.36 chance of winning any prize, including break-even prizes. Currently, there remain six top prizes and 57 secondary $10,000 prizes up for grabs. The total prize money offered by Millions Club exceeds a staggering $161 million.

This windfall comes hot on the heels of another significant win in Dallas, where a resident pocketed $5 million in a different scratch-off game purchased at a 7-Eleven in University Park.

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