Frisco Firefighters Among Those Who Lost Homes in Celina Tornado

CELINA, Texas – The Frisco Firefighters Association has confirmed that four of its firefighters and their families lost their homes in the devastating tornadoes that struck Celina on Saturday night.

An EF-3 tornado swept through Celina and parts of Collin County, causing significant destruction. Multiple homes on Prairie Meadow Lane were obliterated, some completely flattened. Among those affected was Frisco firefighter Bo Cross, who recounted the terrifying moment: “Before we made it to the pantry, stuff was coming through our attic and into the living room.”

Despite sustaining damage to his own home, Cross immediately shifted to helping his neighbors. “Lt. Moore and Capt. Ward were in this rubble of this house pulling people out. People from across the street were calling my wife saying their parents were in the back trapped,” he recalled.

Carolyn Suarez, who lives a mile away, sought refuge in a closet with her husband and fortunately experienced no major damage. She noted the rapid community response: “What they sent out last night is they need 30 people to come help.” By Monday morning, close to 200 volunteers had arrived, bringing water and food to aid in the cleanup.

“We are in Celina. We are a small town and that’s what small towns do,” Suarez remarked, underscoring the strong community spirit.

While the immediate response has been robust, the Frisco Firefighters Association stresses the need for ongoing support. “These firefighters are going to need a little bit of help getting through the next couple months. We got a lot of support with manpower, but on down the road, we are going to need help money-wise to get these guys back in their homes,” said Randy Allen of the association.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott reported that more than 200 buildings were destroyed and 120 others were damaged in the tornadoes. As the community continues to rally around those affected, the resilience and solidarity of Celina are on full display.

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