Foxtrot Market Closes All Dallas Locations Amid Nationwide Shutdown

Foxtrot Market, a coffee company with locations across North Texas, abruptly shut down its four Dallas locations as part of a nationwide closure.

Foxtrot Market, a beloved coffee company with several locations across North Texas, shocked customers and employees alike as it abruptly closed all four of its Dallas locations as part of a nationwide shutdown on Tuesday.

Customers reported that they experienced unexpected requests to leave while waiting for their orders, without any prior indication of the impending closure. Isabella Latuso, a 23-year-old patron, shared her surprise when the staff asked her to leave the Foxtrot coffee shop on Knox Street in Dallas. She later discovered a note on the door announcing the immediate closure.

The closure affects more than 30 Foxtrot markets across the country, including the four in Dallas. The company’s announcement of plans to file for bankruptcy protection left customers with unanswered questions and employees without jobs.

Signs posted in Chicago declared the closure as permanent, indicating the company’s purported significant financial challenges. Managers at Foxtrot in Dallas echoed feeling blindsided by the closure, disclosing that neither the staff nor they received any severance pay.

Foxtrot Market‘s sudden closure led to the cessation of deliveries and online purchases, rendering gift cards and credits unusable. Customers lamented the loss of a convenient spot for study and snacks, highlighting the impact on the local community.

The closure comes after Foxtrot Market‘s merger with another grocery chain in November 2023, operating under the new name Outfox Hospitality. However, the company cited insurmountable challenges as the reason for the sudden shutdown, leaving both customers and employees grappling with the unexpected turn of events.


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