Fort Worth ISD Announces Layoffs Affecting 133 Positions

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) announces layoffs impacting 133 positions due to declining enrollment, budget shortfalls, and the cessation of federal funding.

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) has stated that it will cut or eliminate 133 positions for various reasons, such as declining enrollment, budget shortfalls, and the termination of federal funding. The district announced the layoffs earlier this week, and Superintendent Angelica Ramsey withheld the specifics until directly informing the affected employees. Among these positions, four were supported by local district funds, while 129 relied on federal dollars. However, the district has emphasized that there are currently over 200 teaching positions available within the district, along with other roles in the district service center supporting schools and students.

On Tuesday night, during a special meeting, school board members actively deliberated for three hours in executive session, discussing the affected positions and their numbers. Ramsey informed reporters afterward that the layoffs would not impact teachers. She added that they are targeting jobs because more than 80% of the district’s budget goes to salaries. The district’s Talent Management department will be organizing an internal job fair on March 5 to assist employees in identifying potential employment opportunities.

FWISD has been declining in enrollment for about 10 years, and the growth that’s happening in the city is not happening within the boundaries of Fort Worth ISD. The district will enter next school year with a $43.6 million deficit. ESSER funds, which constitute federal COVID relief grants, provided funding for some of the jobs that elimination affected in elementary and secondary schools.

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