Federal Judge Upholds Program Allowing 30,000 Migrants Monthly into the US from Four Countries

A federal judge in Texas has ruled in favor of a crucial aspect of President Joe Biden’s immigration policy that permits a limited number of migrants from four countries to enter the United States on humanitarian grounds. U.S. District Judge Drew B. Tipton in Victoria, Texas, upheld the humanitarian parole program that allows up to 30,000 asylum-seekers from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela combined to enter the U.S. each month. This decision comes after a challenge from Republican-led states claiming that the program imposed an economic burden on them.

The program’s continuation supports a broader policy aimed at encouraging migrants to use preferred pathways into the U.S. or face consequences. Despite arguments from Texas and 20 other states about the financial strain on health care, education, and public safety due to the program, advocates for the federal government highlighted how migrants admitted through this policy have helped address farm labor shortages in the U.S. An appeal to this ruling is anticipated.

This ruling showcases the ongoing legal battles surrounding immigration policies under the Biden administration and highlights the complexities of balancing humanitarian concerns with economic impacts.


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