Fatal Dallas Pedestrian Crash: Driver Found Nearly 40 Miles Away ‘Smelling Like a Brewery

White Settlement police uncover details of a tragic Dallas pedestrian crash. Nestor Joel Lujan Flores arrested after being found with a body in his car, 40 miles from the crash. Discover the chilling circumstances and law enforcement’s efforts in this unfolding case.


Revealing chilling insights into a tragic incident, White Settlement police provided further details about a horrifying Dallas pedestrian crash that resulted in the death of an unnamed 45-year-old individual over the weekend.

Nestor Joel Lujan Flores was apprehended Saturday night, discovered unconscious in a White Settlement restaurant parking lot, his car containing a deceased body, startlingly far from the crash site—almost 40 miles away.

The initial collision occurred in the vicinity of I-30 and Cockrell Hill Road, where the victim, suspected to be homeless, was struck while reportedly standing near the intersection.

White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook conveyed shock and dismay at the level of impairment displayed by Flores, emphasizing the driver’s apparent unawareness of hitting a human being.

Flores, previously arrested for DWI in 2020, was found disoriented and claimed to have mistaken the victim for a deer. Chief Cook expressed incredulity at the extent of impairment observed, describing the patrol car as reeking of alcohol upon Flores’ detainment.

The ongoing investigation involves tests to determine Flores’ blood alcohol concentration. Law enforcement anticipates a transfer of Flores to Dallas County for charges related to the fatal accident.

The victim’s identity remains undisclosed as authorities strive to notify family members, while law enforcement officials underscore the preventable nature of such tragedies, reinforcing intensified DWI enforcement measures during the holiday season.


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