Fatal Collision: Driver Crashes into DART Train in South Dallas

One person is dead and four injured after a driver collides with a DART train in South Dallas. The incident occurred at a grade crossing where warning lights were flashing.

Tragedy struck in South Dallas as one person lost their life and four others sustained injuries in a collision involving a driver and a DART train on Monday evening.

The fatal incident claimed the life of Michael Kelly, 67, who tragically crashed into the DART train, as confirmed by officials. The collision occurred shortly before 7 p.m. when a Green Line train was traveling south towards the Metropolitan Avenue grade crossing.

Jeamy Molina, a spokeswoman for DART, provided details of the incident, stating that warning lights were flashing, and the crossing gate was lowered at the time of the collision. Despite these signals, the motorist proceeded around the gate and collided with the train.

Four individuals aboard the train sustained minor injuries and received treatment at the scene, according to Molina. However, the driver suffered serious injuries and was rushed to Baylor University Medical Center. Unfortunately, the Dallas County medical examiner’s report confirmed the driver’s passing late Monday.

Identified as Michael Kelly by the medical examiner’s office, the driver’s death serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of caution around train tracks. Molina emphasized the need for vigilance, urging the public to adhere to signals and respect crossing arms to prevent such devastating accidents in the future.


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