Dolly Parton’s Showstopper: Bedazzled Cowboys Cheerleaders Outfit Wows Thanksgiving Crowd

Dolly Parton’s electrifying halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game, clad in a bedazzled Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform, dazzled audiences. Despite a potential glitch, her renditions of iconic hits like “Jolene” and “9 to 5” stole the show at AT&T Stadium.

Dolly Parton‘s halftime spectacle during the Dallas Cowboys versus Washington Commanders game on Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium left the audience in awe. The legendary singer, aged 77, graced the stage in a bedazzled rendition of the iconic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform.

With her magnetic presence, Parton enthralled the crowd for six minutes, crooning her beloved hits like “Jolene” and “9 to 5.” Adding to the excitement, she belted out Queen’s anthems “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You” from her latest album, Rockstar.

Although a planned dramatic entrance—emerging through a star-shaped platform—seemed to falter, the Cowboys’ spokesperson didn’t confirm any technical malfunction immediately.

The Cowboys had long sought to secure Parton for their Thanksgiving halftime show and finally succeeded after her commitment during the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards. In the lead-up to the event, the buzz around Parton’s performance grew significantly, especially after her announcement alongside Cowboys‘ executive vice president Charlotte Jones, revealing a $1 million donation to the Salvation Army.

The fervor around the performance was palpable, as commemorative T-shirts sold out swiftly with no prior promotion. Restocked supplies vanished quickly, underscoring the enthusiasm. Additionally, a limited edition CD of Parton’s latest release was made available at AT&T Stadium on Thursday, further fueling the excitement.


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