Dia Mirza Honored as PETA India’s 2023 Person of the Year for Animal Rights Advocacy

Bollywood star Dia Mirza receives PETA India’s Person of the Year award for her tireless commitment to animal protection, championing causes from ending animal exploitation in circuses to promoting kinder fashion choices.

Renowned Bollywood figure Dia Mirza has been named PETA India’s 2023 Person of the Year in acknowledgment of her steadfast dedication to advocating for animal welfare. Her initiatives to cease the use of animals in circuses, crusade against the exploitation of wildlife for skins, and fervent support for adopting homeless animals have earned her this prestigious accolade.

Mirza actively lent her voice to Ellie, an animatronic elephant spearheading PETA India‘s educational efforts across schools, imparting lessons on empathy and urging children to shun support for circuses using animals. Her contributions have impacted over 40,000 students through workshops held in numerous schools.

PETA India‘s Vice President of Celebrity and Public Relations, Sachin Bangera, praised Mirza for leveraging her influence to foster compassion across species and lauded her efforts to advocate for kinder treatment of animals, including campaigns against exotic animal skin trade and depicting animal rescue in her production house’s film.

Mirza joins a distinguished list of recipients including prominent personalities and advocates for animal rights, reaffirming PETA India‘s commitment to opposing speciesism and advocating against animal exploitation in all forms.


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