Deadly Storms Leave Trail of Destruction in Texas

Deadly storms and tornadoes tore through parts of Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, claiming at least 15 lives and leaving hundreds injured. The devastation unfolded Saturday night and into Sunday morning, with communities reeling from the destruction.

In Cooke County, Texas, Sheriff Ray Sappington confirmed the tragic loss of seven lives, including children aged 2 and 5. The storm’s fury obliterated a roadside travel center near Valley View, Texas, where scores sought shelter before wreaking havoc on FRF Estates, a community of manufactured homes.

Emergency services are engaged in active search and rescue operations amidst the debris, with numerous injuries reported across the affected areas. The Denton County Fire Department responded to multiple victims, some trapped at the marina on Lake Ray Roberts, further south.

The Ray Roberts Marina bore the brunt of the tornado’s wrath, sustaining significant damage. Despite overturned RVs and trapped individuals, all were rescued without serious injuries, though the marina’s beloved cat, Ginder, was lost.

Authorities in Arkansas reported two fatalities, including a 26-year-old woman found outside a destroyed house in Benton County. In Pryor, Oklahoma, at least two people lost their lives when a tornado struck.

As the severe weather system moves eastward, states including Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana brace for potential storms. The Indianapolis 500 faced delays due to deadly storms, impacting thousands of spectators.

The aftermath of these storms adds to the Midwest’s woes, already grappling with previous bouts of severe weather. Communities are rallying together in rescue and cleanup efforts, underscoring resilience in the face of adversity.

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