Dallas Weather Update: DFW Spared from Severe Storms, Hail Hits Surrounding Areas

Stay informed about the latest weather conditions in Dallas! While the DFW metroplex avoided severe storms, surrounding areas experienced strong winds, hail, and heavy downpours.

Thursday brought a mix of weather conditions across North Texas, with the DFW metroplex largely avoiding severe storms while neighboring areas faced hail, strong winds, and heavy rainfall.

Hail emerged as the primary threat from the afternoon’s storms, with areas like Granbury and Cleburne in Hood County experiencing significant hailstorms. While Hood County officials reported minor damage, including a few broken windshields, the severity of the hailstorm was evident from viewer-submitted videos capturing large hail pelting the region.

As the storm system moved eastward, hail continued to pose a threat, damaging a driver’s window in Mayfield. Meanwhile, in Carl’s Corner, northeast of Hillsboro, a FOX 4 crew observed rotation within a severe thunderstorm, although it dissipated before any significant tornado activity occurred.

Despite concerns, Navarro County officials reported no major issues, providing a welcome relief for an area still recovering from recent tornado damage. However, Fannin County’s city of Leonard experienced power outages and fallen trees, highlighting the sporadic nature of the weather’s impact across the region.

Stay tuned for further updates and stay weather-aware as North Texas navigates through fluctuating weather patterns.

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