Dallas Weather Forecast: Storms Expected Monday into Tuesday

Stay informed about the upcoming weather in Dallas. Find out about the storm forecast for Monday and Tuesday, with a detailed analysis of the severe weather risks and conditions expected in the region.

The Dallas weather forecast suggests a change in conditions with storms expected to affect the region from Monday to Tuesday. Although Sunday offers a pleasant and breezy day in North Texas, the focus shifts to the looming possibility of storms in the early part of the week. On Monday, there is a notable risk of severe storms to the west, with areas like Oklahoma and northwest Texas facing the highest threats.

Although North Texas, particularly Dallas-Fort Worth, is expected to have a low probability of severe weather, some western counties may experience high winds and hail. The Storm Prediction Center ranks the area at a 1 on its severity scale, indicating a relatively low risk.

As Monday night progresses into Tuesday, we expect the severe weather risk to shift eastward as the disturbance moves through. Dallas-Fort Worth may encounter rainy conditions at the start of Tuesday, with improvements expected by the afternoon. After this stormy period, meteorologists predict Wednesday will be drier, but uncertainty hangs over the latter part of the week.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday could witness additional chances of showers and storms, highlighting the need for continued monitoring of the evolving weather patterns in the Dallas area. Stay tuned for further updates on the weather conditions to plan your week accordingly.

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