Dallas Schools Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde Contract Extended with $37,000 Salary Increase

Dallas ISD extends Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde’s contract through 2028, raising her salary to $375,000. The decision sparks debate among board members over transparency and process.

Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde’s leadership has been applauded by trustees, leading to a contract extension and a $37,000 salary boost. The amended agreement, approved during Thursday’s board briefing, outlines Elizalde’s new base salary of $375,000 and extends her tenure through 2028.

Despite concerns from two board members about transparency and the rushed process, the majority praised Elizalde’s commitment. Board Vice President Dan Micciche emphasized her accountability and leadership style.

The decision faced scrutiny, with Trustee Joyce Foreman expressing worries about transparency and the timing of the vote during a daytime board briefing. Board President Justin Henry defended the process, citing the need for stability in DISD, an organization with a $2 billion budget and thousands of staff members.

Elizalde, hired in June 2022, initially received a three-year contract with a $338,000 base salary. The recent adjustment aims to align her pay with other top administrators in the state. Despite the raise, Elizalde’s salary remains below some superintendents leading smaller districts in the area.

In her tenure, Elizalde has prioritized moving away from “teaching to the test” and implemented a comprehensive curriculum. The superintendent aims to provide a high-quality education for DISD students, focusing on college and career readiness.

The decision highlights the ongoing debate over superintendent salaries, with the state median at $150,000 and variations based on district size. DISD, home to around 140,000 students, emphasizes the need for stability and vision in its leadership.

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