Dallas Police Release Surveillance Video of Double Homicide: Seeking Public Assistance

Dallas Police share surveillance footage of a capital murder case near a beauty supply store. Two men, Jamarcus Irving and Morland Smith, were fatally shot.

Dallas Police have unveiled surveillance footage related to a tragic double homicide near a beauty supply store in Pleasant Grove. The incident, classified as a capital murder case, occurred just after 9 a.m. on December 27, leaving 22-year-old Jamarcus Irving and 51-year-old Morland Smith dead.

In the released video, a red Nissan Sentra enters the parking lot at the 9500 block of Scyene Road. Two men are seen conversing on the sidewalk when four suspects emerge from the car, opening fire. The victims, including Smith, who was an innocent bystander grabbing breakfast, lost their lives.

Stephanie Sharpe, Smith’s sister, expressed the ongoing pain and shock over the incident, emphasizing that her brother was merely there for breakfast. The surveillance footage indicates at least one shooter with a semi-automatic rifle, creating chaos in broad daylight.

A memorial now stands at the location of the tragedy, as the family mourns and seeks justice. Dallas Police are urging the public’s cooperation, offering a $5000 Crimestoppers reward for any information leading to an arrest. Stephanie Sharpe emphasizes the importance of community assistance, stating, “Somebody knows something. That is somebody’s friend, that is somebody’s child. Somebody knows something.” Your help could bring closure to this devastating case.

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