Dallas Nonprofit CitySquare to Close in December Due to Financial Struggles

CitySquare, a prominent North Texas nonprofit dedicated to combating homelessness and poverty, has announced it will dissolve in December due to financial difficulties. CEO Annam Manthiram confirmed the organization will cease operations by the end of the year, seeking other organizations to continue its vital work.

“The organization was founded to lift our neighbors out of poverty and homelessness, and I believe that’s what we’re doing, whether the 501(c)(3) stays or not,” said Manthiram, who assumed her role in late August.

Manthiram, who previously led a homelessness-focused organization in New Mexico, moved her family to Richardson for the position. She was aware of some financial struggles but did not anticipate the severity of the situation.

CitySquare has experienced significant leadership changes recently. Former CEO Larry James began stepping back in 2018 and retired in 2021. John Siburt took over in January 2021 but left in December 2022. The nonprofit’s current CEO, Manthiram, cited the strong donor connections to the founder as a common challenge for founder-led organizations.

CitySquare has been instrumental in several initiatives, including the Cottages at Hickory Crossing, a tiny house project for the homeless. The organization annually assists about 1,000 people with housing services and provides food, health insurance connections, and operates an AmeriCorps program, serving over 27,000 individuals each year.

Despite the impending closure, CitySquare’s services remain operational. “We have until December 1. We will do this thoughtfully and intentionally. All of our services on-site are still open,” said Manthiram.

The North Texas Food Bank expressed the significant impact of CitySquare’s closure. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to support our neighbors facing hunger and will work tirelessly to help fill the gaps,” said Anne Readhimer, NTFB’s Vice President of Community Impact.

Manthiram remains hopeful about the future of CitySquare’s campus, envisioning a collaborative effort with various partners, in line with founder Larry James’s original vision. Volunteers and donations are still needed to ensure a smooth transition of services.

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