Dallas Megachurch Fights Against Nearby Warehouse Project in Court

Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas seeks to block a builder’s plans for a trucking facility near its campus, citing concerns about congestion and safety.

A legal battle ensues as a Dallas megachurch, Friendship-West Baptist Church, endeavors to halt a builder’s plans for a trucking facility adjacent to their campus.

In a packed courtroom on Monday, church members rallied as their leader pursued a temporary injunction against the proposed building project. The developer aims to construct a 200,000-square-foot warehouse near the church’s property on Wheatland Road, close to I-20.

Friendship-West Baptist Church contends that the warehouse would exacerbate congestion in the already busy area, which includes a high school, residential homes, and apartments.

“We do not want Wheatland Road to be damaged further with 18-wheelers,” expressed Rev. Dr. Frederick Haynes. “On top of that, we don’t want the danger 18-wheelers are going to cause and bring to both the environment as well as to our seniors, our students.”

The developer maintains that their project complies with all legal regulations.

A temporary injunction, if granted, would pause the developer’s progress while the church pursues further legal action against the builder. However, the judge refrained from issuing a ruling on Monday, indicating that a decision will be made at a later date.

As the legal proceedings unfold, tensions remain high as Friendship-West Baptist Church stands firm in their efforts to protect their community from potential adverse impacts of the proposed warehouse project.

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