Dallas ISD Increases Campus Security Measures After Recent Shootings

Following gun violence incidents at two Dallas-area high schools, Dallas ISD implements heightened security measures, including increased police presence and safety protocol retraining.

In response to recent gun violence incidents at two Dallas-area high schools, Dallas ISD is bolstering campus security measures, implementing increased police presence and safety protocol retraining.

Albert Martinez, Dallas ISD chief of police, acknowledges that school campuses often become more chaotic as the end of the school year approaches. However, recent shootings have prompted the district to enhance security protocols across high schools city-wide.

The intensified security measures include more visible police presence on campus, additional personnel for arrival and dismissal, staff retraining on backpack searches, wands, and metal detectors, and adjustments to daily schedules to maximize staff availability for active monitoring.

Martinez emphasizes that while these measures are familiar, their increased visibility aims to ensure that students and faculty are well-informed about safety procedures.

Earlier this month, Wilmer-Hutchins High School was rocked by an on-campus shooting, resulting in one student injured and another arrested. The incident revealed lapses in safety protocols, prompting the district to reinforce security measures. Despite existing safety measures such as clear backpacks and metal detectors, the student involved in the shooting bypassed security checks, leading to renewed enforcement efforts.

Similarly, Roosevelt High School faced a shooting incident off-campus, resulting in two students being wounded. The heightened security measures aim to reassure students and staff while preventing further incidents.

Martinez underscores the importance of not only visible law enforcement presence but also ongoing retraining and discussions on safety protocols to ensure comprehensive security measures district-wide.

As Dallas ISD remains committed to prioritizing student and staff safety, these enhanced security initiatives serve as a proactive approach to safeguarding campuses and fostering a secure learning environment.


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