Dallas High School Girls’ Basketball Team Heads to State Tournament Sans Head Coach

The Lincoln High School Lady Tigers from Dallas prepare for the UIL 4A state basketball tournament sans their head coach. Despite the setback, the team remains focused on their goal of winning the championship.

DallasLincoln High School girls‘ basketball team is gearing up for the UIL 4A state basketball tournament, aiming for victory despite the absence of their head coach. Scheduled to face Waco La Vega in the upcoming tournament on Friday, the Lady Tigers showcased their determination during an open practice and media session on Wednesday, drawing attention to their remarkable journey to the state level.

While the reason for the head coach’s absence remains undisclosed, Dallas ISD affirmed their commitment to ensuring the team’s preparation and support. Assistant coach Artavia Burns, emphasizing the team’s confidence and unity, has stepped up to lead the players, instilling a strong defensive mindset as they head into the crucial tournament.

The Lady Tigers‘ unwavering belief in themselves, cultivated from the outset of the season, reflects their resilient spirit and determination to succeed. With practice sessions designed to acclimate them to the tournament environment, the team remains focused on their ultimate goal: clinching the state championship.

As they prepare to make their mark at the Alamodome in San Antonio, the Lady Tigers are poised to deliver a memorable performance, driven by their collective ambition and unwavering commitment to excellence. Stay tuned for updates on their journey as they strive for basketball glory at the state tournament.

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