Dallas Fourth of July Shooting: Two Injured in Old East Dallas

DALLAS – Police are investigating a Fourth of July shooting in Old East Dallas that left two men injured on Thursday.

According to Dallas police, two men entered an apartment on Carroll Avenue without permission just before 1 p.m. A confrontation quickly escalated between one of the intruders and a man who was already inside the apartment. During the altercation, both men were shot.

Emergency responders rushed to the scene and transported both injured men to a nearby hospital. Authorities report that one man is in stable condition, while the other remains in critical condition. The identities of the individuals involved have not been released.

Residents in the area were shocked by the incident. “We heard shouting and then gunshots,” said one neighbor who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s usually quiet around here, so this is really unexpected.”

The Dallas Police Department has launched an investigation into the shooting. Detectives are working to determine the motive behind the unauthorized entry and the ensuing fight that led to the gunfire. Authorities are also seeking any witnesses who may have additional information about the incident.

As the investigation continues, Dallas police urge anyone with information to come forward. This incident underscores the importance of community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement to ensure neighborhood safety.

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