Dallas Crash: Man Loses Leg in Suspected Drunk Driving Accident

A suspected drunk driver in Dallas causes a crash resulting in a man losing his leg.

In a tragic incident near Downtown Dallas on New Year’s Day, a suspected drunk driver triggered a crash, leading to a man losing his leg. The victim, Thomas Toledo, 30, was struck by a pickup truck while standing beside his parked motorcycle, leaving him with severe injuries.

The driver, identified as 26-year-old Keandre Nash, was arrested on charges of intoxication assault following the collision. The impact immediately severed Toledo’s left leg, causing grave injuries. Shockingly, video footage captured moments after the crash depicted Toledo standing on his right leg, visibly in shock, while grasping a street pole.

Toledo’s mother, Belinda Toledo, expressed both relief and concern for her son’s life-altering injuries, recalling the heart-wrenching moment when he called her, fearing for his life.

Attorney Clint Lee, representing Toledo, highlighted the emotional and financial distress the family is facing, emphasizing the fraudulent GoFundMe pages circulating in Toledo’s name.

The suspected driver, Nash, faced allegations of driving under the influence and causing the collision involving multiple vehicles, including Toledo’s motorcycle.

As Toledo undergoes surgeries and treatment at Parkland Hospital, his family seeks justice and support for his recovery, rallying against the fraudulent fundraising efforts while striving to navigate the challenging road ahead.

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