Dallas County Health Takes Over Garland Public Health Clinic

The City of Garland is handing over control of its public health clinic to Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) to avoid cutting back services as grant funding runs out.

During a June 18 meeting, a city staff report presented to the City Council indicated that demand for clinic services continues to rise while “grants supporting this increase are terminating.” The two remaining grant programs are insufficient to maintain the clinic’s current capacity.

The City Council unanimously approved the agreement, allowing Garland residents to continue visiting the clinic during the transition. Mistie Gardner, Garland’s managing director of health services, stated, “We are confident that DCHHS will continue to provide exceptional care to our community.”

DCHHS assured that the transition will not result in any price increases for public health services. The organization plans to retain all clinic employees and continue the same services offered before the agreement. Additionally, DCHHS intends to expand health services, potentially adding chronic disease prevention programs and sexual health services.

“We are excited to provide these essential public health services to the Garland community,” said Dr. Philip Huang, Director of DCHHS, in a press release. “This transition allows us to leverage our resources and expertise to provide a wider range of high-quality public health services to Garland residents.”

The transfer of control aims to address the funding shortfall while enhancing the range of services available to the community. Garland residents can look forward to continued and expanded care, ensuring that their health needs are met effectively.

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