Dallas County Grants Property Tax Exemptions to Child Care Centers

Dallas County commissioners unanimously decided to provide 100% property tax exemptions to certain child care facilities from January 2024 through September 2026, aiming to support the struggling child care industry amidst rising costs and decreased enrollment.

Dallas County commissioners have made a significant decision to alleviate the financial burden on some child care facilities by granting them full property tax exemptions. This move comes in response to the challenges faced by the child care industry, including increased operational costs due to inflation and a decline in enrollment since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Sen. Royce West played a pivotal role in advocating for this exemption, highlighting the financial strain on child care centers and the importance of supporting families in need of these services. The passing of Proposition 2 by Texas voters paved the way for cities and counties to offer tax relief to qualifying child care businesses.

Under this new law, child care facilities must meet specific state requirements and participate in programs like the Texas Rising Star Program. By providing these exemptions, Dallas County aims to ensure that child care centers can continue offering essential services to families in the region.

This decision not only reflects a commitment to supporting the child care industry but also underscores the shared responsibility of community members in upholding essential services. With Dallas County leading the way in offering property tax breaks to child care centers, it sets a precedent for other regions to consider similar measures to sustain this vital sector.

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