Dallas Council Member Proposes Ceasefire Resolution for Gaza Conflict Amid Rising Tensions

Dallas City Council member Adam Bazaldua proposes a resolution urging a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, seeking humanitarian aid for Gaza residents.

Dallas City Council member Adam Bazaldua has called for a resolution demanding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, advocating for immediate humanitarian aid to assist the people of Gaza. This proposal follows criticism regarding the Council’s previous resolution supporting Israel during the conflict.

The October 11th resolution supported Israel amid its conflict with Hamas but faced scrutiny from the local Palestinian community. Bazaldua aims to extend support and concern for the safety of Palestinian civilians affected by the ongoing conflict, emphasizing the need for Dallas to demonstrate inclusivity and support for both sides.

Bazaldua’s proposed resolution is set for consideration by the Dallas City Council in January. Several cities like Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, and groups in Michigan have already passed similar resolutions, urging a ceasefire in Gaza.

The move comes after a significant public response during a recent council meeting, where Palestinian-Americans and their supporters urged the council to address the situation in Gaza. Mayor Eric Johnson cleared the chambers due to disruptions during the meeting, amplifying calls for action on the issue.


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