Dallas College Unveils New Workforce Training Center in South Dallas, Aims to Bridge Job Skill Gap

Discover Dallas College’s latest initiative, a new 53,000-square-foot workforce training center at The Shops at RedBird, targeting high-demand job skills and supporting underserved communities in South Dallas.

Dallas College inaugurated a cutting-edge 53,000-square-foot workforce training center at The Shops at RedBird in South Dallas. This facility is strategically positioned to equip individuals with in-demand skills vital for thriving in today’s job market.

The center plans to offer courses encompassing various fields like health care assistance, forklift operation, customer care, accounting, and industrial maintenance. It will cater to individuals seeking high school equivalency, ESL training, financial literacy, and job readiness classes.

Gloria Smith, the visionary behind the center and Dallas College‘s vice provost of workforce education, emphasized the goal of providing opportunities for non-traditional students to pursue lucrative career paths. The center aims to uplift historically underserved populations, aligning with efforts to double young adult living wage earners by 2040.

With an investment exceeding $5 million, supported by collaborations with the city of Dallas, Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Vari, and Google, this center will facilitate accessible education and support services from Monday through Friday, aiming to eliminate barriers for aspiring professionals.


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