Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax Recommended for Austin City Manager Position

A subcommittee has recommended T.C. Broadnax, the outgoing Dallas City Manager, for the city manager position in Austin.

T.C. Broadnax, the outgoing Dallas City Manager, is one step closer to assuming the role of city manager in Austin, as a subcommittee has recommended him for the position, according to a post on an Austin city message board.

Mayor Kirk Watson shared the news on the city council message board, indicating that the subcommittee has suggested moving forward with negotiations for an employment agreement with Broadnax. The recommendation is set to be presented for council action on April 4, 2024, with the possibility of passing an ordinance to officially employ Broadnax as the next Austin City Manager.

While awaiting the full Austin City Council’s approval, Council members Zo Qadri and Ryan Alter have already extended their congratulations to Broadnax, expressing anticipation for his leadership in addressing the city’s challenges and enhancing its strengths.

Broadnax, who has served as Dallas city manager since 2017, emerged as one of the two finalists for the Austin city manager position. The decision follows a question and answer session attended by a capacity crowd at the Permitting and Development Event Center in Austin.

His resignation from the Dallas role, announced on February 21, is scheduled to take effect on June 3. As the process unfolds, the specifics of Broadnax’s compensation in Austin remain uncertain, with considerations based on his current salary in Dallas and potential additional benefits upon departure.

If confirmed, Broadnax will assume leadership in Austin, a city with over 970,000 residents and a budget exceeding $5.5 billion, following a vacancy in the position since February 2023. The transition signifies a significant shift for both cities, each facing unique challenges and opportunities under Broadnax’s potential leadership.

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